Facilities & Equipment in AgroBioInstitute
In March 2003 AgroBioInstitute (ABI) moved from Kostinbrod to Sofia. Now, experimental work is carried out in the new premises of AgroBioTech Park Ltd., situated at total of 1000 m2 in Faculty of Biology, “St. Kl. Ohridski” SofiaUniversity including 10 offices with 24 hours free access to Internet.
In 2009 was open the Joint Genome Centre (JGC) situated next door to ABI (600 m2). JGC is newly equipped with modern apparatus available for ABI’ staff.
Common lab equipment and in vitro culture facility
The AgroBioInstitute possess large and fully equipped laboratory facilities for wide range of tissue and cell culture work, in vitro micro propagation, production and characterization of transgenic plants (Four cultivation rooms (about 80 m2); Fourteen laminar boxes; Analytical laboratories with 20 benches and 50 working places; Two Freezers -700 C; Thirteen Freezers -400 C, system for pure and ultra-pure water, a number of shakers and incubators, nanodrop spectrophotometer, laboratory mill etc.). From 2010 ABI possesses modern fluorescent microscope with digital camera.
In vivo cultivation facility and experimental field
Adaptation room and small greenhouse are available in the ABI laboratory facility.
Recently, experimental field in village Kubratovo (nearly Sofia) has been placed at ABI’ disposal for field trials. Base on National Science Fund infrastructure project ABI starts construction of modern greenhouse facility in Kubratovo experimental field.
Molecular genetics facility
The institute possess well equipped laboratory for accomplishment of various research tasks in the field of (i) development and application of molecular markers; (ii) molecular characterization of transgenic plants; (iii) gene cloning, expression and characterization.
The common molecular genetics facility include ten PCR apparatus and large sets of centrifuges, various apparatus for horizontal and vertical electrophoresis, water baths, incubators and shakers, photo-documentation system, deep freezers etc.
A set of apparatus are dedicated to application of different types of molecular markers including: three ALF-Express II sequencers, multifunctional Typhoon (GE Healthcare) scanner for image analysis of non-radioactive labelled DNA and protein samples, ABI3130 automated capillary DNA sequencer, capillary agarose electrophoresis QIAxcel aparatus for fragment analysis. microarray spotter and hybridization oven,  two Real-Time PCR apparatus are available for analysis of transgenic plants, gene copy number and gene expression.
Metabolite and biochemical facility
The establishment of metabolite analysis facility at AgroBioInstitute starts after purchasing of GC/MS (Agilent 7890A /Agilent 5975C) system equipped with autosampler and headspace module. A set of newly purchased apparatus is dedicated to sample preparation for metabolite analysis: thermomixer, centrifugal vacuum concentrator, liophilizator etc. The existing biochemistry and immunochemistry equipment involves NIRS spectrophotometer, fluorimeter, various apparatus for protein electrophoresis, ELISA aparatus etc.).