Laboratory complex - Sofia

  • Automated capillary DNA sequencer

3130 Genetic Analyzer (Applied Biosystems)

  •  Quantitative PCR systems (qPCR)

7300 Real-time PCR (Applied Biosystems)

Mx3005P Real-time PCR (Stratagene)

  • Capillary agarose electrophoresis

QIAxcel (Qiagen)

  • Gas chromatography (GC) systems with mass-detector and flame ionization detector

Agilent 7890A/5975C MSD/FID + Agilent G1888 Network Headspace Sampler

Agilent 8890/5977B MSD/FID

  •  High-performance liqiuid chromatography (HPLC) systems

Agilent 1260/MWD/ELSD

Agilent 1260/QTOF 6546

  •  Low pressure chromatography system

AKTA pure (Cytiva)

  • Total carbon and total nitrogen analysis system

PrimacsSNC-100 (Skalar Analytical B.V.)

  • Microwave plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (MP-AES) system

Agilent 4210 MP-AES

  • System for microwave assisted extraction

Monowave 450 (Anton Paar GmbH)

  • Fluorescence microplate readers

CLARIOstar Plus (BMG Labtech GmbH)

Synergy/HTX (BioTek Instruments)

  • Fluorescence microscope

Axio Imager.A2 (Zeiss)

  • Laboratory fermentor

F0-BABY including two main modules: F0-3 MB (3 litres) и F0-5 MB (5 litres) (Bionet Engineering)