Department of Agrobiotechnology

Head of Department:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Krasimir Rusanov

tel.: (+359 2 ) 963 54 11

email: krusanov⓿


Research activities

  • Characterisation and utilization of plant genetic resources from essential oil and medicinal plants, small-fruited species, vines, etc.
  • Applications of DNA marker systems (SSR, SRAP, SNP, RAPD, etc.) in genomics research in plants, animals and microorganisms for characterisation of genetic resources, genetic diversity, cultivar and strain identification, product authenticity, mapping of QTL loci, selection and accelerated breeding
  • Cloning, expression and functional characterization of genes. Gene expression analysis
  • Metagenomic characterization of the biodiversity of microbial communities from natural ecosystems, bioproducts and wastes from the bioindustry. Metagenomic cloning and characterization of genes. DNA barcoding
  • Metabolic studies using a wide range of chromatographic methods for metabolic profiling, targeted and non-target comparative metabolic analyzes. Characterization of metabolic diversity of populations
  • Metabolic analyzes of products and processes. Biomass processing. Extractions of biologically active substances
  • Evaluation of the biological activity of extracts and purified components
  • Valorisation of waste products from the bioindustry as a source of biologically active substances, etc.
  • In vitro and in vivo propagation, development and maintenance of collections of plant and microbial genetic resources
  • Selection and introduction of small fruits and other crops
  • Variety testing of small fruits and other crops
  • Production of sowing and planting material



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Krasimir Rusanov, Head of department+359 2 963 54 11krusanov⓿
Prof. DSc. Ivan Atanassov+359 2 963 54 07ivan_atanassov⓿
Prof. Dr. Ivan Tsvetkov+359 2 963 54 13ivantsvetkov⓿
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivayla Dincheva+359 2 963 54 13ivadincheva⓿
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ilian Badjakov+359 2 963 54 13ibadjakov⓿
Assist. Prof. Dr. Katerina Stefanova+359 2 963 54 11katerina_stefanova⓿
Assist. Prof. Dr. Tsvetelina Zagorcheva+359 2 963 54 11tzvetelina.zagorcheva⓿
Assist. Prof. Dr. Mila Rusanova+359 2 963 54 11milagradeva⓿
Assist. Prof. Dr. Liliya Georgieva+359 2 963 54 11lilka81⓿
Assist. Prof. Dr. Aneta Lyubenova+359 2 963 54 11anetalyubenova⓿
Assist. Prof. Dr. Veselka Antonovaveselka__antonova⓿
Assist. Prof. Dr. Boyka Andonova-Lilova+359 2 963 54 11boika_andonova⓿
Assist. Prof. Dr. Natasha Kovachevan.kovatcheva⓿
Assist. Prof. Dr. Marina Alekseeva+359 2 963 54 11marinaalexeeva93⓿
Assist. Prof. Daniela Stoeva
Assist. Prof. Pavlina Vassileva+359 2 963 54 11pavlina_vassileva⓿
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Rumyana Velcheva+359 2 963 54 11rumyana_w⓿
Elka Mladenova
Anna Budinova
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