Department of Functional Genetics, Abiotic and Biotic Stress

Head of Department:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nikolai Christov

Phone: (+359 2 ) 963 54 09

Email: nikolai_christov⓿


Research activities

  • Genotyping of cereal cultivars and lines (wheat, corn, barley), vegetables (tomato, pepper, etc.), legumes, fodder crops, fruit, medicinal plants, etc. (cultivar identification and genetic diversity for breeding purposes)
  • QTL mapping for important economic traits in cereals, vegetables, legumes and other crops. Genetic maps. Accelerated breeding based on molecular markers
  • Identification of allelic variants of genes associated with increased resistance to fungal diseases and abiotic stress
  • Metabolic profiling for:

grain quality and other valuable products for human and animal health

resistance to various types of abiotic and biotic stress in plants

  • Genotyping of livestock breeds (sheep, cattle, swine, horses) and other animal species
  • Isolation and functional characterization of genes from plant and animal species
  • Comparative gene expression in plant and animal species
  • Biotechnological methods in plant species
  • Integrated phenotypic, biochemical, genotypic and expression databases for cereals, vegetables, legumes and other plant species, crops and livestock breeds
  • Abiotic stress in plants, mechanisms of tolerance to abiotic stress
  • Resurrection plants: physiology, genetic resources, ecology, molecular mechanisms, bioproducts from resurrection plants
  • Phytopathology. Application of DNA methods for species identification of plant pathogens and parasitic flowering plants
  • Physiological and biochemical manifestations of plant pathogenesis and infection with parasitic flowering plants
  • Evaluation, identification and characterization of natural products (plant extracts, etc.) as a means of controlling plant diseases
  • Plant virology
  • Biology and ecology of plant pathogens and parasitic plants
  • Applying the principles of responsible research and innovation in the biological and agricultural sciences
  • Development and implementation of rules for ethical behavior and gender equality in research
  • Maintenance and update of the Plant Biotechnology Information Center website at ABI


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nikolai Christov, Head of Department+359 2 963 54 09 nikolai_christov⓿
Prof. Dr. Dimitar Djilianov+359 2 963 54 13d_djilianov⓿
Prof. DSc. Ivanka Kamenova+359 2 963 54 09vkamenova⓿
Prof. Dr. Elena Todorovska+359 2 963 54 09e.g.todorovska⓿
Prof. DSc. Anelia Iantcheva+359 2 963 54 13aneliaiancheva⓿
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniela Moyankova+359 2 963 54 13dmoyankova⓿
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Petya Christova+359 2 963 54 09petyachristova⓿
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mariana Radkova+359 2 963 54 13marianaradkova⓿
Assist. Prof. Dr. Kaloyan Kostov+359 2 963 54 09kkostov⓿
Assist. Prof. Dr. Miglena Revalska+359 2 963 54 11miglena.revalska⓿
Assist. Prof. Dr. Nabil Abumhadi+359 2 963 54 13nabumhadi⓿
Assist. Prof. Dr. Petko Mladenov+359 2 963 54 13rubisko⓿
Assist. Prof. Dr. Stefan Tsonev+359 2 963 54 09stefan_tsonev⓿
Keti Krastanova+359 2 963 54 11keti.krastanova⓿
Sonya Ivanova+359 2 963 54 13sonya67.ivanova⓿